Mr Max Lai

Chemistry Teacher

Mr Max Lai has 8 years of teaching experience, having served as Subject Head and JC lecturer.

He was a Ministry of Education Teaching (Overseas) scholar who graduated with a Bachelor of Science (1st Class Honours) in Chemistry from Imperial College London and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education at the National Institute of Education.

Student Testimonials

I am very grateful to Mr Max Lai for helping my son improve his A-level H2 Chemistry grades! Tommy saw a huge jump of 3 grades for his JC1 promotional examinations. It is indeed a miracle to be able to achieve this outstanding result in less than two months!

Mrs Tan, parent of Tommy Tan
TJC 2017

Despite my very weak foundation in Chemistry, Mr Max Lai is very patient in helping me understand and tackle the questions found in various JC prelim exams. He always goes the extra mile and constantly motivates me throughout my entire JC2. I am very grateful to Mr Lai for helping me achieve ‘B’ for preliminary examinations and the eventual ‘A’ for A-level H2 Chemistry!

Hong Yi
RI 2016

I have never been able to do well in Chemistry since secondary school until I attended Mr Max Lai’s lessons. Mr Lai is able to link and explain all the abstract concepts so well that I was able to have deeper understanding of the various important topics. In particular, his Organic Chemistry summaries are extremely useful in helping me remember and reinforce the numerous chemical reactions. Mr Lai has been instrumental in enabling me achieve an ‘A’ for A-level H2 Chemistry.

Jay Lee
ACJC 2016

Mr Max Lai’s year-end A-level H2 Chemistry topical crash courses are really beneficial to me, as it has helped clarified a lot of misconceptions and I have become more confident and competent after attending his lessons. It also helps that his lessons are enjoyable and I truly appreciate all that he has done for me!

Nicole Ng
SAJC 2016

A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others. Mr Max Lai is an example of such a teacher! Within a short span of 6 months, Mr Lai is able to help my daughter improve by 5 grades to an A for her A-level H2 Chemistry.

Mdm Daisy Tan, parent of Tizane Ong
CJC 2016

Mr Max Lai always establishes the links between the various topics and frequently provides a different persective to the issues discussed. His teaching approach has allowed me to fully understand the topics more thoroughly and I was able to answer the complex Chemistry application questions easily. With his guidance, I scored an ‘A’ for A-level H2 Chemistry.

Tan Yi Ling
SRJC 2015

Mr Max Lai’s structuring of his Chemistry lessons are extremely strategic and his explanation of key concepts are excellent! Additionally, the key exam answering techniques taught in his lessons are major help in tests and examinations. I am thankful for Mr Lai in helping me achieve an ‘A’ for A-level H2 Chemistry!

Mervin Lam
RI 2015

Mr Max Lai is an engaging Chemistry teacher who never fails to go the extra mile whenever I have troubles understanding a particular topic. He would go through the various ten-year-series questions, as well as JC preliminary questions thoroughly. Through this process, it has exposed me to the different types of questions and helped me handle a wide variety of common questions tested in the A-level H2 Chemistry paper!

Teo Li Ning
VJC 2015

Mr Max Lai’s lessons are concise and really useful in helping me consolidate old content, as well as learn new concepts. He is always available after class whenever I required more clarifications. My grades improved tremendously after attending only a few lessons and I would strongly recommend Mr Lai for A-level H2 Chemistry tuition.

Angela Lim
YJC 2015

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