Mr Stephen Tsang

Mathematics Teacher

Mr Stephen Tsang has taught Mathematics for 32 years. It includes 15 years at National Junior College and 7 years at Innova Junior College, where he taught H2 and H3 Mathematics.

Mr Tsang graduated from Queen Mary College, University of London with a Bachelor of Science (Second Upper Class) in Mathematics and Statistics. He proceeded to obtain a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Student Testimonials

I faced many difficulties in H2 Mathematics and was consistently scoring Cs and Ds for my JC1 tests and examinations. After joining Mr Stephen Tsang’s classes, I learnt many effective answering techniques, as well as how to approach the various complex questions. These techniques are taught step-by-step through understanding of concepts and not just memory work. By applying these strategies imparted by Mr Tsang, I steadily improved my grades, topped my class for Mathematics and eventually obtained an A for the A-levels.

Chan Wing Han
NJC 2016

Mr Stephen Tsang is a really great Mathematics teacher! His lessons are all well thought-through and he helped clear up all my doubts and strengthen my grasp for key concepts. I went from hating Mathematics to enjoying it and eventually scoring an A for the A-levels.

Chu Ke Ying
AJC 2016

Mathematics was a subject that I can never seem to pass despite studying very hard for it. But after attending Mr Stephen Tsang’s classes, his knowledge, experience, patience and guidance helped me like the subject and eventually acing it. I would not hesitate to recommend his classes to those who are struggling with Mathematics.

Chan Wing Kwan
NJC 2015

Mr Stephen Tsang is a very experienced teacher. His style of teaching is concise and very effective. For the start of every topic, he will set his objectives and impart not only the necessary knowledge but various tips on how to approach the questions. Mr Tsang has been instrumental in helping me improve my grades from U to A and I am truly grateful to him!

Tan Jian Yun
YJC 2015

Mr Stephen Tsang is a devoted tutor who crafts his lesson plans according to the needs of his students. He also takes the time and effort to go through challenging questions raised by students in the class. Mr Tsang often stays back after class to help me clarify some major misconceptions and I am very thankful to him for helping me obtain a ‘A’ for H2 Mathematics at the A-levels!

Tan Hui Ling
TJC 2014

Mr Stephen Tsang is one of the most helpful and friendliest teachers I have ever known. He always attends to my needs in clarification of doubts and explanation of more abstract concepts such as vectors and complex numbers. I have benefitted the most from his study tips which had help me improve from E to A!

Eunice Lin Jin Yi
TJC 2014

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