Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater.

Albert Einstein

Mathematics is the subject that everyone takes but most lament that they do not understand or like the subject. Some persevere to make sense of it whilst some simply give it up altogether. At On the Mark, we aim to reconcile the ‘differences’ students may have with the subject and ensure a deeper appreciation for the subject.

Mathematics Tuition Programme Objectives

Strengthen Foundation
Improve Grades
Options for University

Mathematics Tuition Programme Methodology

Structured Curriculum
Interactive Demonstrations
Hands-On Learning

Mathematics Tuition Programme Teachers

Unparalleled Experience

Our Class Objectives

The On the Mark JC A-Level Mathematics tuition programme will help students strengthen their foundation in the subject and enable them to improve their grades in tests and examinations. This will enable students to have more options in terms of the courses pursued at university.

Our Teaching Methodology

On the Mark’s JC A-Level Mathematics tuition programme is skillfully designed by our teachers and is customised towards students’ learning. With our extensive proprietary learning resources and access to material from various schools and past year examination papers, students will be exposed to the different types of mathematics questions.

Our Teachers

On the Mark’s JC A-Level Mathematics tuition programme is helmed by teachers with unparalleled experience. They are NIE-trained, have more than 10 years of teaching experience from top schools, and have held various appointments such as Level Head, Subject Head and Senior Teacher.

Mr Stephen Tsang

Mathematics Teacher

Mr Tsang has 32 years’ teaching experience:

  • 15 years at National Junior College
  • 7 years at Innova Junior College
  • 10 years at Good Hope School, Hong Kong


  • Bachelor of Science (Second Upper), Queen Mary College, University of London
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Education, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Mr Andy Chang

Mathematics Teacher

Mr Chang has over 20 years’ teaching experience as the Principal Tutor at Flying Colours Education Centre.


  • Bachelor of Science, Nanyang Technological University

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