Physics Tuition Programme

Never call an accountant a credit to his profession; a good accountant is a debit to his profession.


Charles Lyell

Accounting is an information system that involves the recording and processing of business transactions, and communicating the information to stakeholders. At On the Mark, we designed our O-Level Principles of Accounts (POA) tuition programme to provide students with a meaningful introduction to financial accounting. Strong emphasis will be placed on the understanding and application of accounting knowledge to develop lifelong skills that will be of value in the increasingly complex world of business.

Physics Tuition Programme Objectives

Content Mastery
Ace the Exams
Apply to Real World

Physics Tuition Programme Methodology

Structured Curriculum
Interactive Demonstrations
Hands-On Practice

Physics Tuition Programme Teachers

Accountants by Profession

Our Class Objectives

The On the Mark O-Level POA Tuition Programme will help students develop content mastery and to make this seemingly abstract subject much easier to understand. Students will be able to prepare and process financial information and use it to evaluate business performance and facilitate decision-making.

Our Teaching Methodology

On the Mark’s O-Level POA Tuition Programme is skillfully designed by our teachers, who are accountants by profession, and is customised towards students’ learning. With our extensive proprietary learning resources and access to material from various schools and past year examination papers, students will be exposed to many questions. There will be explicit teaching of answering techniques to tackle examination questions, with focus on the clarification of common misconceptions of accounting terms.

Our Teachers

On the Mark’s O-Level POA Tuition Programme is helmed by teachers who are accountants by profession, and have been teaching POA for several years. This makes our lessons interesting and highly applicable as many real-world examples and practices will be shared with the students.

Ms Nadia Mujahidin

Principles of Accounts Teacher


  • Bachelor of Science (2nd Lower Honours) in Accounting and Finance, University of London

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