Mr Arthur Gow

Physics Teacher

Mr Arthur Gow taught A-level H2 and H3 Physics, for 14 years, including 11 years at Hwa Chong Institution. He also has experience in teaching the International Baccalaureate Physics Diploma programme.

Mr Gow majored in Physics and Computational Science at the National University of Singapore graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Second Class). He also obtained a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education at the National Institute of Education.

Student Testimonials

On The Mark is a great tuition centre. Both Mr Arthur Gow and Mr Lawrence Remedios who taught me are extremely dedicated and would stay after class or come to class earlier to help us whenever possible. They are also very friendly and have encouraged me on multiple occasions, pushing me on when i feel overwhelmed. Thank you On The Mark for everything!

Chua Hui Xuan

MJC 2018

Mr Arthur Gow is an engaging and friendly teacher who has an excellent understanding of what is being tested within the syllabus, and also the subject Physics as a whole. As a result, he is able to break down abstract concepts into simple ideas for me to understand and at the same time, highlight how the concepts tested in the syllabus are actually applied in the real world. Through all these, I am able to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the subject which will definitely benefit me in my pursuit for better grades. I strongly recommend Mr Gow, who will not only help to boost your grades, but also keep the lessons interesting.

Lin Yu Hsiang
HCI 2017

Mr Arthur Gow is an enthusiastic and experienced teacher, who has helped to correct my misconceptions and establish a solid foundation in the subject. He highlighted important key details that were commonly missing in my answers. Under his tutelege, I was able to gain a broader and more concise perspective of the various concepts in the syllabus; recognise question types; and answer to the point. I am very thankful for his guidance!

Joshua Wong
HCI 2017

After getting ‘S’ and ‘U’s for over a year for H2 Physics, I sought help from Mr Arthur Gow. As someone who picks up concepts very slowly and takes a long time to understand them, Mr Gow is very patient and he taught me how to apply the concepts to different types of questions, which is very useful for the examinations. Physics is no longer my weakest subject, all thanks to Mr Gow!

Catherine Loy
ACJC 2017

Mr Arthur Gow is a passionate teacher who never fails to attend to my queries and doubts. His lessons are very entertaining and he simplifies complicated physics concepts into bite-size pieces for easy understanding.

Lam Wei Li
JJC 2017

Mr Arthur Gow is a wonderful teacher who really helped me understand physics better. He is clear and concise when teaching physics which really helped me understand the concepts and formulae better. Before his help, I was struggling to pass physics but after seeking his guidance, I achieved consistent 7 points both in school exams and in the IB finals.

Christopher Goh
ACS(I) 2016

Mr Arthur Gow has really helped me understand and apply the concepts taught in IB Physics. For 2 years, I struggled to understand the subject, but when Mr Gow teaches me, he always go through the core of each topic so that I can understand the fundamental concepts first before helping me to apply them to the examination questions. I began to like learning Physics more, and for my finals, I improved by 3 grade boundaries! I am very grateful to Mr Gow, especially since I only started lessons with him a few months before my prelims.

Rachel Lim
School of the Arts 2016

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