Mr Chris Ho

Dean, On the Mark Learning Centre

Economics Teacher

Mr Chris Ho has more than 15 years’ teaching experience, including appointments as Subject Head and Level Head, at Hwa Chong Institution and National Junior College.

More than 80% of his students obtained ‘A’ for the new H2 Economics syllabus that was examined in 2017.

Mr Ho was an investment banker at UBS in London and graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science with a Bachelor of Science (Second Upper) in Economics. He also holds a Master degree in Education from the University of Western Australia.

Student Testimonials

Mr Chris Ho is a very skilled and dedicated teacher. He imparted concepts to me clearly and enabled me to fully understand the necessary content. At the same time, he ensured that I was familiar with the demands of the new A-level H2 Economics syllabus. His strategies not only made us “book-smart”, but also “exam-smart”. Above and beyond imparting head knowledge and exam skills, he cultivated my interest in the subject. His enthusiasm, despite my tiredness, was what made me look forward to his weekly classes, and it was also what kept me continually engaged in the subject. Mr Ho is very aware of each and every one of his student’s individual strengths and weaknesses, and was able to give me tailored feedback, allowing me to improve quickly. I was never the strongest in the subject, yet Mr Ho answered all my questions patiently, no matter how small they might have seemed. His constant guidance helped me build my confidence in Economics as well. He also took the effort to keep tabs on how I was performing in other subjects, offering words of encouragement throughout my entire A-level journey. An inspiring teacher, a caring mentor, I am very grateful to have his guidance!

Nicole Tan
HCI 2017 – Humanities Programme

I joined Mr Chris Ho’s A-Level Economics class at Beauty World Plaza in June 2017. He has a very personalised approach to every student’s learning needs. For me, he first analysed all my previous exams or tests scripts and helped me identify the various weaknesses. Then, he proceeded to customise a thought process that enabled me to beef up my economic analysis so that I can score better grades for my essays and case study questions. Mr Ho also makes his lessons conducive and interactive so that despite a long day in school, I was still able to follow through the lessons and understand the concepts and skills taught. Mr Ho is always willing to mark any work I submitted and never turns away any queries that I had. I am very grateful to Mr Ho for helping me improve from ‘S’ to ‘A’ within a short span of 4 months!

Nicholas Leong
CJC 2017

Mr Chris Ho uses clear and concise teaching methods to help students interpret Economics content. He effectively summarises a few lectures worth of content into a single lesson, and enables me to have a deeper understanding of the subject. His handcrafted A-Level H2 Economics notes are clearly summarised with important keywords to be used in the exams. I have benefitted much from them as they have helped me achieve an ‘A’ for H2 Economics.

Shaun Chim
VJC 2017

Mr Chris Ho is thoroughly invested in helping students achieve their full potential and he is able to teach A-level H2 Economics in a very understandable and applicable manner. Lessons are structured very clearly and they enable me to fully grasp the concepts taught. Mr Ho also encourages students to submit practice questions for marking and in spite of a large number of students, he always return the scripts promtlpy with clear and concise feedback. He also takes the time and effort to go through the submitted work and highlight various areas for improvement. Mr Chris Ho is a very committed and effective teacher and students who attend his classes are definitely in good hands! Thank you for helping me achieve my ‘A’ for H2 Economics!

Sim Zhi Xin
Private Candidate 2017

Both my elder sister and I had the privilege to be taught by Mr Chris Ho for A-level H2 Economics. I joined his class at Parkway Parade and from the very first lesson, Mr Ho displayed lots of passion and he was never once boring, which made me grew a liking for the subject. Being a very knowledgeable teacher who knows exactly when I am in doubt, he will go the extra mile to ensure that I fully understand the various abstract economics concepts. For the recent JC1 Promotional Exams, he went through past years’ promotional questions from various JCs, which really helped me a lot. I can certainly say that without Mr Ho, I would not have achieved an A for Promos.

Kellina Loo
AJC 2017

I joined Mr Chris Ho’s A-Level Economics class at Beauty World Plaza in August 2017. Mr Ho is a very patient teacher who explained every concept very clearly. He also taught me the various examination skills and how to dissect the various essay and case study questions. Because of him, I started to be interested in the subject and was motivated to do well. Within a short span of less than 10 lessons, I improved from D to A for Promos.

Kathy Zhou
RI 2017

Mr Chris Ho is a very dedicated teacher who has a clear understanding of the requirements of the A-Level Economics syllabus. He provides very detailed notes and numerous practice questions in his lessons. During the critical A-Level revision period, he went through all the ten-year-series questions by topics, analysed the different question types over the years, and provided many insightful evaluation points that made me appreciate the subject even more. I am very grateful to Mr Ho for his guidance and helping me achieve an A.

Wang Jie Ning
DHS 2016

Mr Chris Ho is definitely one of the best A-Level Economics teachers I had, and I owe my ‘A’ entirely to him. His teaching style is very pictorial, with lots of diagrams and flow charts. Because of this, concepts that seem complex at first become clear by the end of the lesson. He also puts in a lot of effort in preparing for the lessons, ensuring that the sequencing of the content and questions in the tutorial flows smoothly. He is also very patient in ensuring that I understand the concepts before moving onto more challenging ones. Mr Ho puts in his best whenever he teaches and that is a quality that makes him such a good teacher.

Christopher Hong
HCI 2015

Mr Chris Ho is a highly-skilled teacher who is very well-versed with the A-Level Economics syllabus. Lessons with him are always interesting and fruitful! He is able to break down complicated concepts and provide simple examples to help me understand them better. To help me draw the link between the concepts learnt and real-world issues, he often introduce relevant bits of current affairs to enrich the lessons. Such knowledge is very useful as they provide relevant examples when writing essays or as contextual knowledge when tackling case studies. More importantly, through his lessons, I am convinced that Economics is a stimulating and enjoyable subject. This has pushed me to pursue a degree in Economics in university. Mr Ho’s extensive experience in teaching Economics, coupled with his commitment to helping his students, makes him an excellent Economics teacher, and I am very fortunate to have been under his wings. Thank you very much Mr Ho!

Garrison Tee
RI 2014 – Humanities Programme
Oxford University

I was never able to fully grasp the essence of economics until I attended Mr Chris Ho’s A-Level Economics lessons. Under his tutelage, he not only clarified countless doubts and misconceptions in my understanding of economics, but also delivered key facts and common mistakes made by students in a clear and interesting manner. “Knowledge acquired under compulsion has no hold on the mind, but let education be rather a sort of amusement”. Indeed, his style of teaching made me view economics in a very different light, one that transformed from a mere A-Level subject, to a lifelong understanding of the occurrences around us. Thank you Mr Ho! You have inspired me to take up a degree in Economics!

Vinson Chai
DHS 2013
London School of Economics

Learning Economics with Mr Chris Ho has proven to be the most enjoyable experience of my JC life. He possesses the magical power to effectively clarify abstruse economic concepts and to naturally transform the otherwise tedious memorization of facts and theories into an enjoyable adventure with his witticism and charming personality. He also actively seeks to deepen my understanding of economic models and theories by drawing relevant links to appropriate real-world economic events. I’m really thankful for his dedicated teachings, and I am inspired by him to pursue further studies in this subject in the future.

Zeng Yi
HCI 2012 – Science & Mathematics Talent Programme
Nanyang Technological University

My friend recommended me to Mr Chris Ho’s A-Level Economics tuition class due to his outstanding track record of helping students achieve ‘A’s for their Economics paper. Throughout his lessons, Mr Ho displays clarity in explanation and often uses acronyms and graphic organisers to aid my learning of the subject. His effort to help his students excel in Economics inspired me to outdo myself. Till today, I can still remember the many times he stayed back after class to attend to my numerous questions and to point out any mistakes made in my assignments and how to improve on my work. Thank you, Mr Ho! You really changed my life from the very day I stepped into your class and I would not be where I am today without you!

Chua Khoon Han
MJC 2011
Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NUS

Mr Chris Ho is not merely an economics teacher, he is THE economics teacher. The way he is able to constantly engage the class in lively discussions and simplify complicated economics concepts is simply amazing. He never fails to spark the ‘inner economist’ in his students! I have benefitted tremendously from his teaching and I highly recommend him to those taking A-Level Economics.

Andrew Yap
TJC 2010
Nanyang Technological University

Mr Chris Ho transformed my academic performance in Junior College. His vivacious, content-intensive classes brought home all there is to know of the A-Level Economics syllabus. With the help of his teaching, I topped my cohort in Economics for two years in a row. The sheer clarity of his thoughts made all the difference. Mr Ho was masterful in condensing sophisticated concepts and conveying them to students in modest terms. This made a subject once foreign and dry become understandable, simple and fun! Apart from content, Mr Ho taught writing skills. He developed a unique method to answer case study and essay questions, and would impart those skills as we revised multiple A-Level exam papers together. This practical, hands-on approach helped me overcome my fear of the written tests. All work aside, Mr Ho is surely a very cool tutor. The rigour of his classes would be infused with intermittent laughter from his comical expressions and wit. My classmates and I attributed this to his background in theatre. Mr Ho enjoys applying classroom concepts to real life, and would occasionally screen exciting videos on his tablet PC, relating to the US sub-prime mortgage crisis or the workings of federal banks. This provided a good break from theory. Every class was thorough and mentally exhaustive, but Mr Ho’s antics made them at least enjoyable. Before long, I started to best my class in every continual assessment in VJC. I eventually topped the school, winning the Economics Book Prize for both JC 1 and 2. Of course, I got an A for A levels. I owe it partially to hard work and mostly to my weekly tuition classes with Mr Ho. To him I am forever grateful!

Wong Su Ann
VJC 2009, NUS Law
Former Associate at Drew & Napier LLC
Author at Equatorial Sunshine

Dynamic, engaging and knowledgeable are three words that best describe Mr Chris Ho. I look forward to his weekly A-Level Economics tuition class as they are lively and thought-provoking. Using an interactive approach, Mr Ho facilitates a learning environment where we are free to air our views and clarify our doubts in class. Mr Ho is able to make economics concepts relevant by applying them to global trends and significant historical events, which helps us understand the issues better. Mr Ho not only sets high targets for his students, but also provides practical steps to make these targets achievable. For example, he would provide feedback for all our written assignments; encourage us in areas we have done well; and provide pointers to improve weak areas. His friendly and personal demeanour also makes him a very inspiring teacher and a very effective mentor.

Gloria Khoo
NJC 2008
National University Hospital

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