Ms Emily Li

Physics Teacher

Ms Emily Li has 12 years of teaching experience, including 10 years at Hwa Chong Institution.

Ms Li graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor in Engineering (Second Upper) and a Master in Engineering. She then went on to attain a Distinction for her Post-Graduate Diploma in Education at the National Institute of Education.

Student Testimonials

When I received a ‘U’ for my H2 Physics common test in JC1, Ms Emily Li was there to encourage and guide me throughout my A-level journey. Ms Li was instrumental in helping me master the necessary concepts and skills to increase my proficiency in solving the various Physics questions. Her patience and humour make her classes extremely enjoyable and that has built up my interest in the subject. Ms Li, thank you for helping me obtain an ‘A’ for H2 Physics!  

Tan Yan Zhi
HCI 2017

Ms Emily Li a brilliant A-level Physics teacher who conducts one of the most engaging classes I have ever attended. She is also very dedicated and ensures that I understood all the relevant concepts. She constantly gives out work practices that really tackles that A-level Physics questions and this has helped me in eventually scoring an ‘A’ for Physics. I would also like to thank OTM for creating a very conducive study environment at their centre. I was able to focus and concentrate on my revision for the A-levels post prelim exams.

Ang Shao Ren
VJC 2017

Ms Emily Li is not only a Physics teacher who is very familiar with the new H2 syllabus, but also a caring teacher who understands the struggles students faced when learning the subject. Ms Li is able to break complex concepts down into simple examples which are easy for students to absorb, which has made Physics a more enjoyable subject to learn. I am grateful for the tutelage Ms Li has provided me throughout this A-Level Physics journey as she has made Physics much easier for me. She takes the extra effort to understand problems faced by every individual student, so that she is able to better cater to everyone’s weaknesses. To sum up, Ms Li is a brilliant tutor and if you struggle with Physics, she will be the one to help you achieve your ‘A’.

Goh Meng Chun
VJC 2017

Ms Emily Li is a really engaging teacher with a unique teaching style. She makes learning A-Level Physics much more interesting and enjoyable compared to school tutorials. I was struggling with various concepts, but with her help, I managed to thoroughly understand them, and eventually achieved an ‘A’ in the A-Levels. I am really thankful for her guidance!

Stephanie Ng
VJC 2015

I used to be very confused about A-Level Physics concepts in JC as I did not take Physics in secondary school. Without an in-depth understanding of the key ideas, it was difficult to pass. However, after I started lessons with Ms Emily Li, I had a better understanding of the concepts and was genuinely more interested in the subject. She would go through the key ideas, help me understand them through concise points and apply some interesting scenarios not found in my school notes. Ms Li also has a great sense of humour and is enthusiastic about Physics. Apart from obtaining an A for the subject, I also gained a real appreciation and passion for Physics!

Elaine Wijaya
RI 2015
Yale – National University of Singapore

Ms Emily Li is a brilliant physics tutor – she explains abstract concepts very well such that I was able to tackle the A-Level Physics questions with confidence. Her diagrams, examples and explanations were easy to follow and understand. She also makes the subject a lot more interesting by applying various physics theories into our everyday lives. All these has made me appreciate the subject a lot more!

Phoebe Neo
RI 2015
Melbourne University, Australia

For a student, the teacher often makes or breaks the subject, so I feel very privileged to have Ms Emily Li teach me A-Level Physics. She explains concepts in a straightforward, often amusing and always memorable way, frequently drawing from her own engineering background to illustrate the everyday applications of physics within and beyond the syllabus. Ms Li has her own unique way of helping students attain top marks in exams – you must attend her lessons to benefit from it. Most importantly, she genuinely values every student’s future and aims to develop good work ethics and attitude in her students. Her dedication and enthusiasm has inspired in me a lasting love for physics.

Liu Ningdi
HCI 2013
University of Edinburgh, UK

Ms Emily Li is absolutely one of the most wonderful tutors I have ever met – she is not only dedicated, but also motivating. Her A-Level Physics classes were always well-prepared, well-delivered and extremely engaging. Most importantly, Ms Li is compassionate and inspiring – she has been more than just a teacher to me, but a true mentor, and she will always be someone whom I respect.

Wang Aijia
TPJC 2008
Boston University, USA

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