Mr Jimmy Quek

Science Specialist

Primary School Science, Lower Secondary Science, O Level Biology

Mr Jimmy Quek has more than 8 years of teaching experience, specialising in

• PSLE Science

• Lower Secondary Science

• O-Level Biology

• Special Needs Education

Student Testimonials


Teacher Jimmy is an extremely patient and dedicated teacher, who takes effort to analyse Matthias’ personality in order to customise an approach towards mentoring him. He will continue to find new methods and resources to increase Matthias’ interest and knowledge. By preparing his own materials, he is able to transfer knowledge more effectively, hence helping Matthias understand the abstract concepts better. Within a short period, I was able to see much improvement in Matthias’ understanding of science, and eventually he did well for his PSLE to get into the express stream of the school of his choice. 

When he sees the need, Teacher Jimmy will share personal experiences with Matthias in order to motivate him to overcome an obstacle, whilst maintaining a positive attitude. Between him and my teenage boy, there is the presence of trust, since he is genuinely concerned for him. This good relationship between them definitely helps in Matthias’ learning. Towards parents, Teacher Jimmy is truthful and detailed when updating me on Matthias’ academic progress. He is most willing to work together with parents to do what is best for the child.

Mrs Mak, mother of Matthias Mak
St Andrew’s Junior School, 2015-2016
St Andrew’s Secondary School, 2017-2019

Teacher Jimmy taught my daughter, Sze Hui, for N-level Biology. He is a very patient teacher with a loving heart, and even went to the extent of printing additional notes to help her prepare her various examinations. Through his constant encouragement, patience and guidance, she has improved tremendously. Thank you for instilling the growth mindset in Sze Hui.

Mdm Ng, mother of Mao Sze Hui
St Hilda’s Secondary School, 2019

When my daughter joined Teacher Jimmy’s Primary 6 Science class in the beginning of the year, she was only getting around 50%. By her preliminary exams, she obtained 70% and eventually scored a high B at the PSLE. Teacher Jimmy’s motivation have positively impacted Alicia – his constant encouragement and guidance has made her more self-confident and to persevere through difficulties. I sincerely thank him for changing Alicia’s life.

Mrs Ngiam, mother of Alicia Ngiam
Tanjong Katong Primary School, 2019

Teacher Jimmy is a dedicated and patient educator who tailor-makes his lessons to suit the needs of my son, Julian. With his passion and commitment, he provided Julian the necessary tools and guidance needed to achieve his potential. As a result, Julian was awarded ‘Best Improved in Mathematics’ in 2018 in Foundation level in Pathlight School in Primary 6. This year, Teacher Jimmy continues to encourage and support Julian and he was awarded ‘The Most Outstanding Award for Mathematics’ for Normal (Technical) level. Thank you, Teacher Jimmy, for showing Julian that he can soar higher than he ever dreamt of!

Mrs Tan, mother of Julian Tan
Pathlight School, 2018-2019

Teacher Jimmy is an amazing educator. He is passionate, intelligent, patient, dedicated, caring, hard-working, committed, determined, organized, supportive, modest, trustworthy, generous and kind. Such a rare gem! Need more teachers like him!

Mrs Yap, mother of Gavin and Gawain Yap
St Andrew’s Junior School, 2014-2018

Teacher Jimmy started teaching my son, Lucas, when he was in Primary 4. Even though Lucas is no longer under his charge, as he is going to be Secondary 4 soon, I can’t thank him enough for setting the right path and teaching the right values to my boy. Although he no longer teaches Lucas, whenever we ran into a tough situation, he is always there to give us great advice. Once again, thank you Teacher Jimmy for guiding Lucas all these years!

Mrs Chng, mother of Lucas Chng
St Andrew’s Junior School, 2014-2016

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