Ms Jocelyn Yan

General Paper Teacher

Ms Jocelyn Yan has been teaching General Paper since 2005. She was the GP Level Head at Hwa Chong Institution and Dunman High School.

Ms Yan graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Arts (First Class) on the Vice-Chancellor’s List. She then went on to attain a Distinction for her Post-Graduate Diploma in Education at the National Institute of Education.

Student Testimonials

Ms Jocelyn Yan is really passionate teacher who never fails to make lessons more engaging and interesting for us. While GP may be considered as a content heavy and dry subject, her humorous and light-hearted personality never failed to brighten our day. She radiated lots of positive vibes which enabled us to stay afloat during the tiresome and stressful J2 year. She shares her objective views on global and local affairs which allowed me to think from different perspectives. This has helped me generate ideas for essays and AQs where I need to consider various points of view. As GP is a subject that requires extensive reading, I feel really comforted that her lessons expose me to more global and societal issues that I personally do not keep up with. Before every key examination, she makes it a point to refresh exam tips and compiling digestible notes for both paper 1 and 2 to make sure that we never lose our momentum and focus.

Furthermore, she makes it obligatory for herself to be well-equipped with test papers across all years and JCs, making sure we are constantly exposed to the various question types in both P1 and P2.

It was truly an honour to be taught by Ms Yan. I’m so grateful for this opportunity and I hope my A Level results will reflect the amount of hard work she puts in on all of us.

Glenda Lee
SAJC 2018

Although General Paper initially seemed daunting as a subject, Ms Jocelyn Yan has helped me to surmount my difficulties regarding GP through tirelessly addressing questions both in and out of lessons. She goes the extra mile to assign and mark additional work aside from what is assigned in class, giving constructive feedback promptly. Her lessons are also entertaining as well as enriching, for she ensures that no one is bored during lessons through incorporating interesting supplementary materials such as documentaries on Netflix or YouTube alongside numerous articles regarding relevant issues which definitely help with building content knowledge. Committed and caring, she is more than a teacher and also makes sure that every student’s needs are met and checks in with them about their personal wellbeing.

Nicole Leong
CJC 2018

GP lessons with Ms Jocelyn Yan are unlike those dry, content-heavy tutorials in school, as she always strives to engage us during lessons and get us to contribute actively to discussions. Ms Yan is a very friendly tutor who makes it a point to get to know her students and understand our individual learning needs, which she would willingly customise her lessons accordingly. Her lessons have really helped me develop my foundations and exam skills required to tackle GP with greater confidence.

Jared Liang
HCI 2018

Before joining On The Mark, I was not interested in General Paper, thinking that it was almost impossible to master it, and that scoring well was an unattainable dream. I would not say that I’ve completely mastered the subject, but Ms Jocelyn Yan has definitely taught me the vital skills needed for the subject. This boosted my confidence towards GP, which went a long way in eventually obtaining better grades. She is also very approachable, so students do not hesitate in voicing their opinions or asking questions in class, thus establishing a conducive learning environment. Furthermore, Ms Yan conducts lessons in a fun and light-hearted manner by introducing unique content which greatly heightened my interest for the subject.

Tan Eu Ning
HCI 2018

I’ve really enjoyed Ms Jocelyn Yan’s classes. They’re always so lively! Her classes were also extremely useful and I feel that they’ve helped me have a much better understanding of how GP works and what’s expected of me in a GP paper. Ms Yan also took the time to read and make detailed observations on all of my work, which greatly aided in my subsequent improvements. Will recommend her class to anyone who asks!

Noelle Wong
TJC 2018

Ms Jocelyn Yan is very encouraging; her lessons are engaging and highly approachable. Each lesson never failed to surprise me with new snippets of information and knowledge. Her lessons are not a mere repetition of school lectures. I have learnt so much more during her lessons. Thank you Ms Yan for inspiring me, going beyond what a teacher normally does.

Ashley Li
SAJC 2018

Ms Jocelyn Yan is a patient and dedicated teacher who does her best in teaching and ensuring we understand the various skills in GP. In J1, I used to strongly dislike GP as I had always done poorly, but under her guidance, my GP skills have improved substantially, helping me to regain confidence in the subject. I am thankful for Ms Yan’s guidance, and would strongly recommend her as a GP tutor.

Joshua Lee
HCI 2018

I am very thankful for Ms Yan in helping me over the past 2 years. Her subject knowledge is excellent and she is a great tutor, being patient, reliable and encouraging. She thoroughly prepares for each lesson, pointing out questions and concepts that may be tested, as well as exam strategies and answering techniques. This has allowed me to learn more effectively and has been of great help to my GP results!

Lim Qi
MJC 2018

I never considered GP tuition because I believed that I had a strong mastery of content. Despite this, I often faced an insurmountable wall of getting Cs and Ds for the subject in JC1, which led me to reconsider the need for GP tuition. Since joining OTM in JC2, Ms Jocelyn Yan taught me how to better refine my ideas and concepts and vocalise them more coherently and argumentatively. An excellent teacher, Ms Yan balances between both conceptual understanding and hands-on practices, and is more than willing to mark additional work and provide feedback and guidance allowing me to improve and achieve the coveted ‘A’ for GP. Thank you, Ms Yan!

See Tow Zi Hsien
HCI 2017

Ms Jocelyn Yan is a very dedicated and thoughtful teacher who tries her very best to impart her knowledge to her students. She makes lessons entertaining and is always willing to mark additional work from her students.

Cao Yuan Yuan
VJC 2018

While I was more inclined towards the Sciences in secondary school, Ms Jocelyn Yan was the primary reason General Paper became my favourite subject in JC. Ms Yan taught me how to read – a highly underrated skill. I soon grew to appreciate comprehension assignments, only because I now knew how to tease out the author’s key arguments and evaluate them for their persuasiveness, soundness and relevance. I was taught how to not take arguments at face value, and towards the end of the year, knew exactly what to look out for whenever I encountered a piece of writing.

Darrell Leong
HCI 2009
New York University

General Paper is a challenging subject to teach, because mastery of the subject requires a broad base of content knowledge, and the development of critical thinking and argumentative skills. Despite this, Ms Jocelyn Yan guided me towards mastery of the subject: through her unique blend of insight and humour, she managed to instill in me an interest in a broad variety of topics; and her patience and firm guidance helped me sharpen my rhetorical skills.

Foo Chuan Yu
HCI 2007
Stanford University
Software Engineer at Google

General Paper is not an easy subject to teach, with teachers and students often struggling against a vague syllabus requiring a “broad and mature understanding of a range of subject matter” and “comprehension, interpretation and application” of said subject matter, while simultaneously using English in an “effective and proficient” manner. I am glad to say that Ms Jocelyn Yan coached me effectively on all of the above and enabled me to do well in the actual examinations.

Chen Shuang
HCI 2007
Stanford University
Software Engineer at Coursera

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