Mr Nizam bin Abdul Rahman

English Teacher

Mr Nizam has close to 20 years of teaching experience and is specialised in teaching English, Mathematics and Music. As an MOE-trained teacher, he has taught at Geylang Methodist School (Secondary), Seng Kang Secondary School, and Broadrick Secondary School. He also tutors at MEDAKI and SINDA STEP during his free time.


As one of the most academically qualified teachers at OTM, Mr Nizam holds two master degrees:

  • Master of Science in Business Information Technology, University of Wales, United Kingdom

  • Master of Education in Research Methods, University of Western Australia, Australia.

Student Testimonials

I always look forward to Mr Nizam’s lessons as he is very engaging and all of his lessons are organised in a way that is easy for me to understand. He is also very patient with me and encourages me to step out of my comfort zone and learn through doing more practices. He has a unique way of identifying types of questions, and ensures that we answer to the point; something even my own teachers don’t do. He demonstrates reading passages with clear expression and intonation, so the class listens intently, all prepared in case he nominates us to continue reading. He was patient in teaching us the skills of summary-writing: breaking down the question, paraphrasing all the key words before stringing them together into a coherent piece. Needless to say, I scored really well (12/15) for my end-of-year summary question, a stark difference from failing that question all along. I am grateful to be under the tutelage of Mr Nizam and would highly recommend those struggling in English to learn from him.  

Nuraini, Secondary 3,
MENDAKI Tuition Scheme 2019

Without Mr Nizam, I would not have achieved such great results for my O levels. He is an inspiration because from the way he taught us, I can feel that he has a passion not only in teaching Mathematics and Additional Mathematics, but in sharing his various life experiences, providing valuable advice and encouragement to all his students. I appreciate how he took the extra mile to stay back later in class to answer all our queries. He is an extremely respectable teacher filled with great qualities such as kindness and care. He showed me that I can achieve something I deemed impossible, such as getting into a JC.

Zhi Yong, Secondary 4
Geylang Methodist School (Secondary) 2018

Mr Nizam is an inspiring teacher, who is able to connect easily with students, making lessons fun and interesting, yet mind stimulating. With his many years of teaching experience, he understands which topics and concepts are harder for us to grasp, and spends a larger proportion of time teaching them so that we can fully understand them. Mathematics used to be a subject I struggled a lot to do well, but under him, my grades improved tremendously, and I’m one step closer to becoming a Maths teacher like him. Thank you, Mr Nizam!

Nadiah, Pre-U3,
MENDAKI Tuition Scheme (2004)

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