Ms Ouyang Xin

General Paper Teacher

Ms Ouyang Xin has more than 12 years teaching experience, including appointments as Level Head (English/GP) and Level Head (Student Development) at Hwa Chong Institution. She has also taught English as a second language in Japan and Vietnam.

Ms Ouyang graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Arts (Second Class Honours) in English Language and attained a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education at the National Institute of Education.

Student Testimonials

One subject I struggled with in JC is General Paper. After attending weekly lessons with Ms Ouyang Xin in JC2, I saw gradual improvements to my comprehension, summary, AQ and essay grades. The lessons with Ms Ouyang are always enjoyable as she is very encouraging and it was fun to discuss issues with her. I am really grateful to her for pulling up my grades from a perpetual C to an A. I am fortunate to have her as my GP teacher, given her experience and dedication.

Nicholas Sim
HCI 2016
NUS (Medicine Faculty)

Ms Ouyang has been instrumental in helping me polish my writing and analytical skills that are critical for doing well in the A-level General Paper examination. She provides constructive feedback for every piece of assignment I submitted, and always made time for consultations after lessons for me to clarify my doubts. Under her patient tutelage, I saw consistent improvement in my grades. Ms Ouyang’s classes are what I always look forward to, as she never fails to blend in humour and her insights to make an otherwise dry lesson far more interesting and inspiring.

Heng Wei Shin
HCI 2015

Throughout JC, General Paper is definitely one of the hardest subjects to learn, and teach. Instead of getting students to memorise factual content, an effective GP teacher is able to train students to be critical thinkers and help broaden their perspectives when looking at global affairs, especially if controversial ones are to be discussed. Ms Ouyang Xin has well demonstrated all of the above! Under her guidance, I am able to show more genuine care about the issues around me and to realise there is so much more to learn and appreciate outside my realm of interest. With a mix of discipline and humour in class, Ms Ouyang helped me master new skills as a student and as a person.

Duan Mengnan
HCI 2015

Ms Ouyang Xin is extremely dedicated and is a highly competent General Paper teacher. She is always willing to address my questions without any hesitation, ensuring that my doubts and areas that need improvement – be it essay writing, language or comprehension skills – are identified and amply rectified. Her broad and deep understanding of different subject matter that ranged from humanities and the arts to current affairs and issues of global significance; coupled with her strong linguistic and writing skills, make her an extremely qualified teacher. I am very grateful to Ms Ouyang for her invaluable guidance and teaching.

Erwin Wan
HCI 2009

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